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The Internet has long acted as a dynamic digital canvas, allowing people the opportunity to interact on a global scale. Mindful of the pace at which the web continues to evolve, our friends at Adobe approached us to build a unique online resource, designed to showcase some of the most innovative aspects of both HTML 5 and CSS 3.

The adaptation of new browser standards has had revolutionary implications for website design and development, and now dynamic web elements like animation and audio can be built directly in HTML5. Our challenge: how do you show these capabilities in action?

Enter The Expressive Web, an elegant, interactive, in-depth showcase of 12 prominent new HTML features. For each expressive element we provided interactive demonstrations, data on browser support, and links to some of the best content already utilizing the innovation. Want to witness HTML5’s dynamic canvas elements? Play a round of our own version of Brickbreaker to see for yourself.

We were excited to discover The Expressive Web drew praise not just from designers and developers, but also a legion of curious everyday users. In short, we created a window into the future of the web, with Adobe positioned squarely in the center of the conversation.

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