Git merge 2 repositories in 1 repository

This is a piece of code that I definetelly had to publish. It is very helpful if you need to merge 2 Git repositories in 1 repository. Note that at the end each of the repositories will be embeded in a separate folder.
mkdir migration
cd migration
git init
git remote add origin <final_repository>
echo "Luis Felipe Farfan" >> contributors.txt
git add contributors.txt
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Git tools

Git is the most recommended version control system and used as a tool in our company, this document can give you a guidance of which tools are out in the market.
You’ve learned most of the day-to-day commands and workflows that you need to manage or maintain a Git repository for your source code control. You’ve accomplished the basic tasks of tracking and committing files, and you’ve harnessed the power of the staging area and lightweight topic branching and merging.

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