Drupal 8-beta 3 website

URL of the Drupal 8 website: http://drupal8.far-fan.com/contact

I have been working with Drupal 6-7 for the last 3 years and I was looking so much forward to seeing a Drupal 8 working, so I decided to get my hands dirty and went for it. I used the Drupal 8 - Beta 2 version (https://www.drupal.org/node/2357303) to build my own website. My website is not rocket science, it has a homepage that includes an slider, a portfolio page, contact us web form and a blog, the rest are blocks and views.  Remember, I am a guy of not so many words so I could be missing something in this blog post. if you have questions please contact me. http://drupal8.far-fan.com/contact or http://far-fan.com/contact Note: I have 2 contact pages now!!! :)

It took me around 3 hours per day during 3 weeks for a total of 45 hours to have the site running.


Templating system

I wanted to try to do what I normally do with a Drupal 7 site, get a default theme module and create a subtheme. I tried different Drupal 8 theme module and not too many worked, so, I used Gratis theme (https://www.drupal.org/project/gratis) which have a Beta version and extended from there without problem but it is still some work that need to continue, you can find some small presentation bugs.


I love that the View from MVC is completely respected now in Drupal 8. I love Twig just for the fact that make things clearer, and it is a templating language. I‘ve worked with Smarty in the past; Twig syntax is really similar languages have similarities; otherwise I did not think that developers have problems getting up to speed with the language, pretty easy to learn.



I implemented static blocks (you can see theme in the footer), hard to change the body of a static blog if you do not do it directly in the database. I also implemented custom in-code blocks like the homepage slider, and the google maps in the contact page.


I love that the creation of a block in-code is now completely MVC and more independent from the Drupal module functions.



It is part of the core now. In terms of functionality, what you got in Drupal 7 is what you are going to get in Drupal 8 from I have seen.


Style images

It is not working properly yet, I had some problems and I will continue evaluating it and I hope the Beta 3 includes issues fixes for this category.


Processes and rendering

Everyone knows that Drupal 8 implements some of the components of the Symfony Framework like for example the HTTP protocol calls are handle by Symfony know which is one of the most advanced components of the Symfony architecture. It is making use of components that are part of a stable framework that's already in use out there and that's gone through various changes based on people using it.

The system is more efficient delivering the pages, Drupal 8 delivers the HTTP headers before the content or the page completely rendered which I love seeing the page loading faster.



The database structure changes an important pain point we had in Drupal 7 which where the construction of long queries (used by views module) to be able to create efficient queries. Foreign keys are now present, not all over the DB but the I saw the more important ones, e.g. all table that have a dependency with the node table.


The cache system

It used php cache more than in Drupal 7. It uses the RAM/ROM more to help the database to get overloaded – advice, add some more RAM to your server.



This is still not part of Drupal core, a module is already in git for Drupal 8 and there are some conversations happening that it is uncertain the future of this. I had to add the aliases directly in the database and boom... Worked!!!

It is a simple insert in the url_alias that look like this:


INSERT INTO url_alias (source, alias, langcode) values('node/3', 'portfolio/gameloft', 'und');


I hope this is helpful and encourage you to do something similar and help Drupal 8 come out faster. We all need a new version to satisfy clients, and themers and developers.

I will continue updating the site and let you know the latest news of my experience.