Can you use Drupal 8 yet?

As such, when Drupal 8 was released we took a special interest in the state of module development. Because Drupal 7 has benefitted from more than 5 years of contribution and development from the Drupal community, Drupal 7 is an incredibly stable and powerful platform.

We’ve been a bit spoiled, and despite the really amazing changes and improvements that we’ve been promised with Drupal 8, we were hesitant to jump on the bandwagon until we’d done a bit more research on what modules were really available for use.

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How to Handle Defeat

Sometimes we feel frustrated and defeated at work, this is what can help you to continue carry on and having good professional experiences.
Defeat is something that can come to many different people and look very differently when it arrives. It’s sometimes absolute, sometimes partial, and sometimes shared and sometimes individualised. Regardless of how it comes to you, it most likely represents a sinking feeling in most people that causes you to stare deeply and question what to do next, what perhaps you should have done, and how to handle moving forward.
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Git merge 2 repositories in 1 repository

This is a piece of code that I definetelly had to publish. It is very helpful if you need to merge 2 Git repositories in 1 repository. Note that at the end each of the repositories will be embeded in a separate folder.
mkdir migration
cd migration
git init
git remote add origin <final_repository>
echo "Luis Felipe Farfan" >> contributors.txt
git add contributors.txt
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Drupal 8 - images with image style

Drupal 7

image_style_url('style', uri);

Drupal 8

You need to include the namespace ImageStyle

use Drupal\image\Entity\ImageStyle;

And this is the php code you need now:

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Drupal 8 - Get fields from a node

I am currently using Drupal 8 - Beta 2. I took a little while to understand that nodes and users are part of the new entity architecture and all the node_WHATEVER functions used in Drupal 7 have completelly desapeared. This is a function that returns an array of node fields (type slider). I find this piece of code really helpfull to developers. I hope it save the 2 hours I took to figure this out.


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Is It fine to buy "Used" iPhones?

There are many reasons people want to buy used iPhones. Their cellular contract may not be eligible for a phone upgrade just yet. Their carrier may not carry the model they want. Whatever the reason may be, there are some things you need to take into consideration before shelling out your hard-earned cash for a used phone.

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Git tools

Git is the most recommended version control system and used as a tool in our company, this document can give you a guidance of which tools are out in the market.
You’ve learned most of the day-to-day commands and workflows that you need to manage or maintain a Git repository for your source code control. You’ve accomplished the basic tasks of tracking and committing files, and you’ve harnessed the power of the staging area and lightweight topic branching and merging.

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